Global Expert in Microexpressions and Non-Verbal Communication

Annie Särnblad is a preeminent global speaker and expert in reading facial expressions. She is the only speaker to be invited to speak at YPO EDGE twice. She has developed her own, easy-to-absorb teaching techniques based on the knowledge she accumulated living in nine countries and studying eight languages through immersion. 

Annie has a Master’s in Cultural Anthropology, has lived across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and is currently living in Boston. She is Certified in the Facial Action Coding System “FACS” and can numerically code the 10,000 muscle combinations in human expression. 

Annie started her career as a strategic advisor to Fortune 500s, startups, and family offices, and spent two decades advising boards, and leaders of industry across Europe and Asia. Until 2012, Annie kept her ability to code facial expressions secret, known only to a few trusted friends and clients.

Annie Särnblad: Collage Portraits

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